Getting into Mickey mode. I've literally told every single person I've seen today to f$&k off for absolutely no reason.
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I’m going to teach you self-defense, Milkovich style.

Anonymous: do you think mickey is a pushy bottom or a lazy bottom?



i want you to think about mickey on his back in ian’s bed, lips swollen and red, one fist curling into the sheets, the other digging hard into the muscles of ian’s arm. taunting him to make ian go harder, faster. ”are you fucking me or what, gallagher, because i can’t tell.” “i think my phone’s vibrating - oh wait that’s your dick in my ass. my bad, they feel about the same.” *huge dramatic fake yawn* until ian is just RAMMING him and mickey can’t talk anymore because he’s gone breathless, head thrown back, eyes closed, the only sound leaving his mouth these broken little whimpers and whines until he gets off.

OR BETTER YET i want you to think about ian and mickey bickering back and forth, getting in each other’s faces, the argument not serious so much as it is boyfriends snarking at each other. until mickey grabs him by the hips and throws him on the bed, straddling his waist, grinding down against him. “think you’re a fuckin’ tough guy, huh?” mickey tugging his pants down while ian yanks his own pants down and then mickey’s wrapping a hand around ian and climbing on top of him and riding him like there’s no tomorrow. pressing his palms against his chest, fucking down against him, ian gripping his hips and just letting him go.

OR i want you to think about ian and mickey having a quickie in the morning and it’s rushed and dirty and maybe mickey doesn’t have time to get off. and he’s a total DICK to ian the rest of the day bc fuck you man sexually unfulfilled and shit. and then ian comes home to mickey on his stomach on the bed, one hand tugging at his dick, the other pushing one of mickey’s toys (bc you KNOW boy has some toys) up his ass, just moaning and thrashing his hips like there’s no tomorrow and it’s the hottest thing that ian’s ever seen and mickey puts on a fucking SHOW for him. and then refuses to blow ian afterwards bc “fuck you man if i can get myself off so can you.” (but he blows him later anyway lbr.)

pushy bratty power bottom mickey milkovich!!!


your name like a song I sing to myself - Part Three, chapter 4 - misandrywitch - Shameless (US) [Archive of Our Own]

part 3 chapter 4 of folk band au (7300 words, warnings for some homophobic language, violence and descriptions of past abuse; 47k in total) 

Emmy Rossum on the ‘Shameless’ set in Pasadena (July 23, 2014)


Ian Gallagher in Every Episode

1x09 - But At Last Came A Knock

"I need to see ya"
Anonymous: the gifset on the porn blog was her telling him that she didnt want sex though and he was okay with it and the person running the blog was just like "i want a guy like this in my life" just to be clear

oh okay but still that really doesn’t need to be on a porn blog 

Anonymous: one time i saw this gifset of bonnie and carl on this porn blog and im almost 100% positive that that person hasnt watched shameless before

ummmm what? seriously? 

Anonymous: you are in a zombie apocalyse and you got a chance to fight for your life, the first thing near your right hand is your weapon and the first thing near your left hand is your shield, how fucked up you are?

well i’m fucked cause i’d have a phone as a weapon and a jacket as a shield