ian brings out the best in mickey!!!!! ian looks at mickey as hes the only source of light on earth!!!!! mickey has never been loved!!!!! ian fell in love with mickey!!!! and mickey fell in love with ian!!!! ian thinks mickey deserves to be treated well!!!!! and mickey thinks ian deserves that too!!!! 

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shoutout to my followers who actually know my name

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ok things to keep in mind for fanfics and thinking about next season:

  • Ian is still Ian, his whole personality hasn’t changed because he now has bipolar disorder
  • Ian doesn’t need to be fixed, and bipolar disorder cannot be cured with love and kindness
  • Ian is not doomed because he has bipolar disorder and suicide is not inevitable nor is hospitalization, like it can happen but it doesn’t have to happen
  • bipolar disorder is not uniform and it effects people differently, and Ian is not Monica
  • bipolar disorder can be managed with both medicine and a healthy lifestyle which includes exercise and healthy dieting WHICH IAN ACTUALLY IS GOOD AT UNLIKE MONICA
  • Ian is actually well disciplined and he was already back to working out regularly so there’s hope that he can manage his condition more successfully than Monica when and if he gets the proper help !!!
  • Ian is not helpless or hopeless !!!
  • if he does end up hospitalized, or if it takes time to learn how to manage the condition, that’s okay it realistically takes time and it could take a significant amount of time and hospitalization is kinda a worse case scenario but my friend has been hospitalized twice already but now she’s back in college studying brain science and she’s been very successful okay and she did it on her own with support from family and friends
  • Ian is not his mental illness, it’s just something he has to live with and learn to manage just as anyone has to live with and manage any chronic condition they may have whether it be a mental illness or not
  • also mental illness doesn’t just have emotional effects but physical effects as well y’know like if Ian’s laying in bed all day he might actually feel physically tired and/or have a stomach ache and/or a head ache it’s not all about emotions.

shameless challenge » favourite season
↳ season four

the good parts are so good, you’re willing to suffer an unbelievable amount of pain just to get to them”

Mickey Milkovich + the beanie

Anonymous said: what about debbie?

i hope she finds better friends they are not a good influence on her and really not nice girls either. i hope she stops obsessing over matty too

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Anonymous said: hi! i love your blog sososo much! anyway, can you tell me what the tattoo ian has? and does cameron have it or just his character?

thxx :) his tattoo is of an eagle holding a gun & its just for the show

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Anonymous said: What story-lines would you like to see in season five?

less frank and sammi, no jimmy steve, a focus on ian (like the same focus frank got with his disease), more mickey being a domestic bf and bffs with kev, mandy actually having decent screentime, kev and v being awesome parents and fiona’s life somewhat normal again.oh and i really hope bonnie comes back and amanda stays away

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I’m an adult

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