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Anonymous: Any news about the next SHITW update, like when we can expect it or spoilers?


The DB and A.U.gust posts should be fairly quick, so hopefully SHITW won’t be too far off. I just can’t give a concrete date yet. I’m using this weekend to do as much writing as I can manage before life gets a hold of me.

Spoilers: (seriously, do not read. You know who you are. You do this all the time. I see you. You read them and then you immediately regret reading them. Willpower is not just an awesome superhero name.)

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and mickey thinks they’re too fucking in love to stop themselves from falling off a cliff. (1521 words - ao3)

requested by absolvesammy [“don’t trust me.”]

Mickey goes over the Gallagher house, sometimes, when it’s either too empty or too busy for anyone to notice him, for anyone to pay attention to him and Ian, and that’s exactly the way he likes it. He sneaks in the back door and finds Ian at the kitchen table, bent over homework or something, probably his fucking calculus bullshit, or whatever the fuck people that actually go to school do.

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Favorite Ian x Mickey scenes (random order) [1/?]
        ↳ 3.02. “Why’d you come back then?”

Bad Boy Spark -

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Why skip an option?

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I don’t want one big scene per season of ian and mickey kissing. I want little soft kisses every few episodes. damn.

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Anonymous: The whole Shameless cast is full of beautiful people, but sometimes Jeremy Allen White is just too much. I mean really? His eyes are so fucking gorgeous, and his face, and his hair, and his body. And every year he gets more gorgeous.

yeah he is very good looking :)))