Anonymous asked:
How would you feel if they brought karen back? If you had it your way, how would you bring her back and when?

i don’t know if i would like it i don’t think her character really fits in the storyline anymore. i’d be worried they’d bring her back just to chase after lip again. i would love to know how she is and if she’s recovered or not tho 


took a fucken long time but i enjoyed every second

Ian Gallagher in Season 4

Anonymous asked:
what's your opinion on lip gallagher and carl?

i’ve grown to really love lip this season i think he’s really stepped up to help his family while fiona went through her dark times (not that he didn’t help before). i don’t like the way he’s treated women but i still really like his character. carl is my love he’s very important to me. 

Anonymous asked:
my dad looks like an older version of mickey, i'm not even joking

oh man that must be super weird 

Anonymous asked:
ian is SO in love with mickey it's crazy, don't you think?

how could you not be in love with that idiot tho 

Anonymous asked:
of mobsters and men is gonna have more than three chapters right? i don't want it to end there!

yeah i’m pretty sure